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I remember my grandmother had a huge vegetable garden with 10-12 rows of fresh veggies; snap beans, corn, tomatoes... Keeping the ground hogs and snails out was a top priority. She would pick what we needed for supper just a few minutes before the meal. The taste of garden fresh produce never left my mind. Today, not many of us have time to wait 42 days for spinach to grow (or deal with ground hogs).  We believe that food needs to go back to it's roots. Back to grandma's time, to the basics of eating fresh, whole, real food.  We believe in keeping food simple, free of today's inventions like food coloring, shelf extenders, fillers, & preservatives.  Our wraps are made from farm fresh produce, in small batches, by hand.  Grandma would be proud.

I had a rare disease that took 6+ years to diagnose and finally get treated called Cushings.  The disease created havoc with my gut and gave me debilitating food sensitivities. Only able to eat 20 foods at one point.  I really missed having a sandwich and lettuce leaves were a drippy - falling- apart - mess that left me hungry.  I thought what can I make that does not have gluten, soy, rice, corn, eggs, wheat, dairy- all things I was allergic to.  Not much was left other than veggies. So I became obsessed with making bread out of vegetables.  It took a year but I finally figured out an edible version of the Raw Wraps you enjoy today.  I quickly realized there are so many people like myself struggling with food allergies and decided to share my creation!

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