Gluten Free. Vegan. Healthy.

Make a mark in your restaurant by offering a one of a kind signature sandwich using our unique wraps. The desire for healthy food is growing yet most restaurants fail to meet the demand with limited healthy menu options. Our wraps are truly guiltless with only 70 calories, high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Made with superfoods, kale, spinach and quinoa. Raw Wraps are perfect for your vegan, gluten free and customers with food allergies.

Unique item to create your signature dish.

Our wraps are one of a kind, nothing like this has ever been on the market before! We are the creators and only manufacturer of this product. We currently offer sizes of 9.5" diameter and 11" diameter.

We're Hot!

This years report from the National Restaurant Association, "What's Hot" survey shows that customers want healthy menu options. 78% of customers want healthy kids meals, 74% want gluten free options, 60% want specialty gourmet sandwiches and 59% vegan cuisine, 58% want low sodium, superfoods. If your not offering healthy choices your losing customers. Read the full report here.

Create amazingly delicious healthy meals.

Raw Wraps work great with both hot and cold fillings. The key is to keep liquid and excessive steam away from the wrap to prevent sogginess. Simply place dry ingredients onto the wrap first and follow with wet ingredients like sauces. Soft/wet/hot burrito fillings like beans and cheese work fine (without a dry ingredient barrier), so long as the sauce is thick and not drippy or runny. The wraps behave similar to regular flour tortillas but are a little more delicate when it comes to water.

Premade wraps will keep for 5-15 hrs depending on ingredients. Adding wet ingredients last (like condiments) will ensure freshness. Placing a dry ingredient barrier first will also increase longevity for premade sandwiches.

Shelf Stable Freshness. No Refrigeration.

Kale and Spinach wraps should not be refrigerated. These flavorful wraps should be stored at room temperature, freeing up your valuable refrigerated space. They are best stored in dry locations, away from heat, cold and steam. Benefit from being able to store them where it is convenient for you.

Ready to eat.

Kale and Spinach wraps are ready to eat out of the package. Just add fillings. They are soft, pliable, flexible, just like traditional wraps and tortillas. No kitchen prep time is involved allowing your customers to get their order fast and keep your kitchen running at top speed.

Extended Shelf Life. Reduce waste and expense.

Raw Wraps have a shelf life of 1 year. Their extended shelf life puts money in your pocket and peace of mind knowing that the product won't go bad before your able to use it. Kale and Spinach wraps are dehydrated, removing most of the water content, allowing for a natural preservative free, shelf stable wrap. Superior to bread which gets mold in mere days.

Customize Your Food service Wrap

We can provide an organic wrap if your restaurant is all organic. Our wraps are conventional. We can also create a quinoa seed free version. Please contact Brandy at 305-308-9167 to get a quote and discuss your unique needs.

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