General Tips on Using

Liquid is the enemy of Raw Wraps, causing them to fall apart. Runny liquids like the water from wet salsa, drippy beans or juice run off from meats if placed first onto the wrap will cause it to fall apart. Steaming hot meats if placed directly onto the wrap will also cause it to fall apart. Remove any excess watery liquid from food. Place dry ingredients like lettuce, rice, cheese, grilled veggies first. Layer on top of that your wet ingredients. Not all wet ingredients cause Raw Wraps to fall apart. Thick sauces like mayo, hummus, mustard, etc are fine to be placed first if you plan on eating the wrap soon, however it's always a good idea to place moist/wet ingredients after your dry ingredients. For example, if eating tuna, chicken, or egg salads place dry lettuce first then your salad. Hot foods work just as well as cold so long as the hot food is not wet and hot or steaming hot, let it cool to mouth temperature first. Grilled veggies, no problem, melted cheese, just fine, drippy stir fry not going to get the idea..

How to Store Raw Wraps

Store wraps in their bag on the counter at room temperature. Keep them away from moisture and steam. Do not store with bread or with items that have an odor such as onions. The odor will be transferred to your wraps. Raw Wraps will keep for months on the counter and maintain their freshness. Refrigeration not recommended. In fact, the cold refrigerator will stiffen the wraps causing them to crack when folded. Allow them to sit at room temperature a few minutes so they become pliable again if you find it necessary to store in the fridge. If they get stored in your car or hot trunk and become too flexible, simply let them rest a few minutes inside with the air-conditioning to regain their original status. If you've left them in your car and it's snowing outside bring the wraps in, let them warm up to room temperature before use.

Do Raw Wraps Contain GMOs?

Raw Wraps do not contain GMOs. We are currently in the process of obtaining our non GMO certification which should be completed early 2015.

How long will tuna/chicken salads stay fresh?

Moist ingredients like mayo based salads work best if you make a "lettuce barrier." Simply line the inside of the wrap with lettuce then place your wet ingredients inside. Depending on how wet you make your salad will equate to how long the wrap will keep before getting soggy. Average time is 6 hrs but many make lunch the night before and find the wrap still fresh up to 15 hrs later.

Dehydration temperature for Raw Wraps.

We have taken great care to dehydrate at low temperatures. The temperature of the wraps during dehydration time averages 115 F.

What is raw food?

Raw food is simply food in it's natural state that has not been heated above 115 F. Raw food has many of the plant enzymes intact which some consider to be still "living" and have superior nutritional value to cooked foods.

Are Raw Wraps Kosher?

No. We applied for Kosher certification but the rabbi told us (and we agree) that it would significantly add to the cost of wraps to be Kosher. This is because according to Jewish laws, the rabbi would have to work for us full time inspecting every washing of each batch of vegetables for insects. We feel the cost of wraps is high enough and did not want to add the additional expense.

How can Raw Wraps have 18 g of carbohydrate if they don't have any grains?

The carbohydrates in Raw Wraps are mainly derived from fruits,veggies and fiber. There are two types of carbs; complex and simple. Complex carbs take longer to break down than simple carbs. Raw Wraps contain complex carbs from kale, spinach, onions, apples, quinoa and psyllium husk fiber. Simple carbs are fast acting and are also present in Raw Wraps in a very small amount in the form of agave nectar which is a plant based sugar.

Since kale is high in Vitamin K can I eat it if I'm taking blood thinners?

If you are taking blood thinners consuming a higher than normal intake of vitamin K might cause an interference. When taking blood thinners, the level of Vitamin K eaten on a daily basis helps determine the amount of medicine taken. It's important to keep Vitamin K intake consistent. An increase may require adjustment to your medication. If you are on an anticoagulant medicine, it's important to enjoy Raw Wraps after discussing it with your physician. 

Will eating raw kale interfere with my hypothyroid medicine?

Cruciferous vegetables such as cabbage, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and cauliflower contain natural chemicals called goitrogens that may interfere with thyroid hormones. Consuming large amounts of any of these vegetables in the raw form may impact the effectiveness of your medication. If you are on a medicine to treat hypothyroidism, it's important to enjoy Raw Wraps after discussing it with your physician. A simple blood test will tell you if your consumption of Raw Wraps is causing an interference.

I eat a "paleo" diet are these wraps compatible?

Raw Wraps are compatible with a paleo or caveman diet depending on which school of thought you belong to. Instead of getting into a huge debate about it here I'll let you decide for yourself and present this great link on for you Paleo Qunioa

How are Raw Wraps Made?

I (Brandy) invented Raw Wraps out of necessity. I had multiple food sensitivites and could not eat the gluten free breads. As a holistic nurse practitioner my patients had the same problem and had an impossible time sticking to their diets. So, I toiled away in the kitchen for months on end obsessed with creating a wrap out of veggies. When I finally came up with a recipe I liked it was still too leathery in texture. The spongy light texture and softness of the wrap came when my dad, an engineer, had a unique idea to help make them soft. He created a highly inventive and specialized device that took 2 years of testing to get the softness and flexibility you enjoy now. Raw Wraps are made with fresh, raw produce and dehydrated at low temperatures. From start to finish it takes 24 hours to make a batch of wraps. They are made by hand so expect to find some variation and personality in them.

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